From the Mayor's Desk - May 2013

With all the nice weather we’ve been experiencing it’s quickly become mowing season again. The good news is our city looks its best with green grass and brightly colored flowers, the not so good news is the grass grows almost supernaturally fast around here this time of year. I know from personal experience how challenging it is to keep a yard under control and want to thank all who are fighting the same battle with their own little yards. Please remember to comply with our city code which requires grass and weeds not exceed 12 inches in height.

From the Mayor's Desk - April 2013

As spring begins, I’m happy to report we have a new City Council member on board and at least one applicant for our remaining opening which we hope to fill at our next meeting on April 9th. If you’re interested, there’s still time to apply for the open position. In order to qualify you must have been a resident of North Bonneville for at least one year prior to applying and you must be registered to vote in Skamania County.

March 2013

I’m very excited to say that we’ve finally converted to our new utility billing software, which is the last phase of updating our old financial software. We’ve moved from old black-and-white DOS-based screens and ancient dot-matrix printers to a brand new system with all sorts of bells and whistles!

Disk Golf Tournaments

On March 17th the City of North Bonneville will be the host for the BONNEVILLE BARE BONES tournament. This is a Professional Disk Golf Association sanctioned C-Tier level tournament. The Disk Golfers will be arriving early that morning and be here for two rounds of disk golf. Here is the updated Disk Golf web site WWW.NBDGA.ORG

Skamania County EMS Public Education Services

Classes are currently being offered in:

  • ŸCPR Adult $35
  • ŸCPR Infant and Child $35
  • ŸAutomatic External Defibrillator $25
  • ŸBlood Borne Pathogens $25
  • ŸOther classes available upon request

Classes are scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am. To schedule a class or answer any questions regarding the training, please contact T.J. Bishop at 509- 427- 5065 or TJBishop [at]

Block Leaders Needed

The City of North Bonneville Block Leader Program needs your help.

The initial goal for this program was to provide a point-of-contact between city hall and the residents of each block in an emergency.

The reason the program was established is still valid. The demands of modern life can often make finding opportunities to meet the people who live next door or down the street problematic.