North Bonneville Heritage Trails

Beginning in 2007, the North Bonneville Heritage Trails Committee began the task of uniting North Bonneville's unique trail system, extensive history and amazing environment into a comprehensive and unparalleled enterpretive experience for visitors.

The resulting Heritage Trails System highlights four trails, each originating from a central location and branching out through the community, each specifically designed to showcase a special geographic or historical feature of the area. The goal of each trail is to provide users with an educational and enlightening experience of our unique history and spectacular environment.

The central or "Downtown Station" can be found by following the "Heritage Site" signs leading off of Hwy 14. At this station, a small shelter with a blue and white Heritage Trails sign, you'll pick up your trail map and begin the adventure.

The Hamilton Creek Trail (estimated loop distance 1.25 miles) extends to the west end of the city over the Hamilton Creek Bridge and loops it's way around our western neighborhoods while offering stunning views of Beacon Rock and Hamilton Mountain. Bordering this route are Hamilton Creek, the Beacon Rock Golf Course and Pierce Wildlife Refuge. Fully paved and over flat terrain this route is perfect for an easy hike or bike outing.

Strawberry Island Trail (estimated loop distance 1.5 miles) extends to the south of the city, past the city ball fields and up onto Strawberry Island. The trail loops down and around to the east to the open area of "Parcel C", then turns north and back through the main city park to Downtown Station. The trail travels through beautiful mature oak forests and extensive grasslands with abundant wildflowers, but the highlight is the amazingly impressive view from the top - a rare 360 degree view of the Columbia River, and it's gorge. This trail is partially paved, primarily grass track and transits both flat and hilly terrain.

Columbia Trail (estimated loop distance 2.5 miles) extends to the east, passing by our eastern neighborhoods and through the Fort Cascades Historic Site. In addition to an educational Fort Cascades interpretive history lesson, this trail offers views of Bonneville Dam, access to the Columbia River and travels through an impressive White Oak forest.

Greenleaf Trail (estimated loop distance 2 miles) extends to the north and along Greenleaf Lake to the east. This trail highlights the Pioneer Cemetary and Native American History of the area and ends at the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort.