From the Mayor's Desk - October 2017

The recent rain has helped immensely with the wild fires in our area and while the Eagle Creek Fire is still burning, it is 46% contained and has moved into the Fire Suppression Repair phase. Fire Suppression Repair is a series of immediate post-fire actions taken to repair impacts to the land and minimize the potential for soil erosion and other issues that might arise from these activities. It usually begins before the fire is completely contained and before the demobilization of the Incident Management Team.

While we were very lucky the Eagle Creek Fire moved downstream past North Bonneville before the fire jumped the Columbia River and started the Archer Mountain Fire, we are also very fortunate to have a well-run volunteer fire department to protect and defend our city.

Members of the North Bonneville Fire Department were deployed to several locations, including the Archer Mountain Fire, to help protect not just our city but our entire county and the Columbia River Gorge itself. We have thanked and celebrated our firefighters at a recent City Council meeting and I want to take this opportunity to reiterate our gratitude to Chief Bell and the entire NBFD for patrolling our city to locate and extinguish spot fires throughout our community, keeping residents informed and generally adding an increased level of security and safety to a very scary situation.

In other news, the citywide burn ban has been lifted effective October 2nd but please follow our city ordinance regarding what materials can be burned, as shown below.

8.32.040 Fire allowed - Fire shall be restricted to natural vegetation grown on the property where the burning occurs, consisting of leaves, clippings, prunings, residue from trees, stumps or other natural occurring vegetation. All other material is prohibited except what paper is necessary to ignite the burning process.

As always, we welcome your input and ideas regarding our city. City Hall is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. My email address is and our phone number is 427-8182.

It’s a good time to clean your rain gutters to ensure proper operation.