Have you met North Bonneville's newest residents?

Who are these new neighbors?

Rumor has it that a Sasquatch family, Mom, Dad and children (Littlefeet) have moved into the community of North Bonneville.

Where are they from?

Our new family hails from the great forests of the Cascade Mountains bordering North Bonneville. The deep forest has always served as their home, but no one has met them until now as Bigfoots are inherently shy creatures and would hide whenever humans came near their homes.

So then why are they here if they are so shy?

The Bigfoot family has moved here because of the Littlefeet. Bigfoot children are not as shy as the older Sasquatches and are eager to learn more about things they don't know a lot about...especially humans. This curiosity has led to many generations of Littlefeet trying to convince their Sasquatch parents to take a chance and reveal themselves to humans. But it's not easy to convince a Bigfoot of anything, and especially when it comes to the fear of humans. This was the case until this particular Bigfoot family happened to come to North Bonneville last year.

So is there something special about North Bonneville? Something that convinced the older Sasquatch to try to live amongst humans?

Yes indeed! All the positive things we know that make North Bonneville so unique are the things that convinced this Bigfoot family to take a chance living here; the layout of the community, the park setting, the forests and mountains bordering the city, the other living creatures thriving here, the friendliness and generosity of people here, the trails, etc.

Where do they live?

The Bigfoot Family has taken up residence near the City Park basketball courts, the Grand Elder stands guard at the city entrance and you'll find Littlefeet out hiding and playing along the Bigfoot Discovery Trail that loops around the park.

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