From the Mayor's Desk - November 2017

Near the end of October, our City Council approved a change in how we will calculate our utility bills going forward. We believe this change will result in more accurate billing for all of us while maintaining the fairness of sharing the costs of operating and maintaining the 2 systems.

Our water use is metered but our sewers are not. We have used arithmetic and averaging to try to determine sewer usage in the past but it’s always been far less than an exact science.

From the Mayor's Desk - October 2017

The recent rain has helped immensely with the wild fires in our area and while the Eagle Creek Fire is still burning, it is 46% contained and has moved into the Fire Suppression Repair phase. Fire Suppression Repair is a series of immediate post-fire actions taken to repair impacts to the land and minimize the potential for soil erosion and other issues that might arise from these activities. It usually begins before the fire is completely contained and before the demobilization of the Incident Management Team.

From the Mayor's Desk - July 2017

As we celebrate the 24th anniversary of our nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence this July 4th please be careful when discharging fireworks. It is hot and dry which makes it easier for fires to start and grow quickly.

Our Fire Chief has instituted a burn ban for all debris piles and other outdoor burning. He has made an exception for fire pits but we ask that even when using a stone or metal fire pit that you exercise extra caution to keep yourself and your neighbors safe.

From the Mayor's Desk - May 2017

In January, I said here in the newsletter that I would not be seeking reelection as Mayor of The City of North Bonneville. Nothing in the ensuing months has changed my mind so I’m here again to encourage my fellow residents to give serious consideration to who would make a good next Mayor.

The reason I bring this up now is May is the month in which candidates must file with the Auditor’s office in Stevenson to run for elected office in Skamania County and North Bonneville.

From the Mayor's Desk - March 2017

March is looking a lot like February so far, which looked a lot like January, which was a lot like January, we all get the point. Winter is not in any hurry to leave yet and there are still tons of tree branches all over our city.

There has been one formal cleanup day so far and we will be getting together again this month to do more work, but it’s still very disconcerting to see all the damage around town.